Monday, 5 December 2016

The Adventure of 21st Century Literacy, Summative

The Adventure of 21st Century Literacy

This year, I, Harout Karamanokian took a grade 9 English and Business course called 21st Century Literacy. This is a great course that works on two courses Business/Tech and English which are composed to teach high school students the literacy skills needed in our modern century. During our course, we have learned and incorporated many skills aside from Business and English. We acknowledged our classes skills and worked on writing, oral communication, media studies and design software. We have created a digital portfolio to keep track of our work throughout our 21st-century literacy course.
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During this course, I believe my creativity and discipline helped me obtain strengths as a learner in an orderly fashion. Not only did I gain strengths, I also worked hard to obtain my weaknesses, and to transform them into strengths. With our teacher, Shauna Pollock’s help, I got to work on contributing to class ideas and to reach into other classmates minds in our school. I got to work on the aspect of contributing to class ideas from an excellent idea, a reporter at random. The teacher would then assign a random classmate/reporter to answer a question given. The aspect of reaching into other classmates minds was to separate from a “group” and to join others that we have not contributed ideas with.

Looking back, every week on our weekly task lists would have a theme for us to retrain to. These themes would help us stay organized and to improve the specific skillset/theme that was assigned. For example, themes we had throughout the course were responsibility, initiative,  respect etc.. The themes helped set goals for other students who were lacking some of the skills set for the week. I, for example, wasn't too great with individualism. A reason why I had an individualism goal was because the time I spent with two specific classmates. Rather than learning new things and picking out of other classmates minds, I would stick with the comfort zone and not reach “outside of the comfort zone”

Our class worked a great amount on a tragic book called King Lear. Written by Shakespeare, but by being known as the best tragic book to be made. We didn’t have enough school time to have a unit on the topic but it was a great way to bring out special skills needed. We worked on our poetry, and poem analysis for this unit. I never had the confidence to speak out loud in class. Whenever we would have an open read aloud, I would never be the first to jump into character. However, I think that our presentations on our specific scenes addressed to each student in the class helped gain my confidence into speaking more clear and fluent into an open scenario.

   Cedar Ridge also had a unit on All-American Boys, which was integrated with Globe Read Aloud Slow Chat. This was a very inspirational and emotional book about police brutality involving two teenagers, one happening to be an African American. Rashad: an African American who was brutally beaten by a cop after accusation of theft and assault on women. Quinn, a white teenager who was a witness to the beating and pretended to have never seen it. The book itself brought many emotions during the read aloud. Listening to the feelings of the characters and the charisma used to infiltrate the book was amazing. Our teacher, Shauna, would have us answer questions in a tweet format (140 characters) and share it with other classes amongst North America.

   I think 21st Century Literacy has helped me in many ways, from corresponding ideas differently to just overall completing my goals I have assessed for this term. I have learned many things and different strategies to use in my later life. Looking back, 21st Century Literacy wasn’t just a course, it was reality and this reality changes me. I can highly recommend this course to many others and was grateful for attending and completing an amazing course known as “21st Century Literacy”.